I is for In the news

The last few days have been pretty exciting at work, but we made an announcement. That is what has been keeping me busy since I started this new role.

Introducing a new category of products for the first time is nerve wrecking and I am super glad to have had this experience. Now granted some one else has been doing something similar for a decade, but we have finally entered the market with our own unique advantages and it is exhilarating to say the least. Celebrating small wins. Looking to see the revenue tick from 0 in 2017 to millions in 2018 and the future. I came in mid way but have learnt quite a bit and can say I am one of the few that knows about the product. What tickles me is the fact that this is the start or pivot in the industry.
The work to be done is enormous, I am so psyched. Congratulations pouring all around, rewards pouring all around. But we still have a long way to go, and I am excited to be part of it.

Ok, non techie folks try not to snooze. ;–) And yes I find this very interesting and this is my bread and butter for now.

It is not a big buzz, like other products I am used to, it is a buzz nevertheless, I am hopeful that the potential will be tapped, and this will expode and become mainstream in a few years and I can proudly say I was there to watch this baby grow.





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