Happy Monday!

Well Monday didn’t start happy but what the heck I will call it happy because JSK actually asked to practice Sa Ri Ga Ma and actually some swarams sounded right. :–P I will take what I get. Just sitting in the class also is kinda helping I suppose. She even hummed and sang Sa Ri Ga Ma over the weekend on her own. Wheeee!

Monday started with a ugly fugly bad headache because my lenses are way over used, I need an eye check up. I wore my glasses today and I did not feel confident of myself in person.

We decided to stay home this weekend, took off Friday, spent the days at home, call it family time. We played games, did puzzles, worked on the poster for school, dotter is the Special Person of the Week this week. How much has this little 5 year old accomplished and is exposed to in her tiny life time!

We met some friends and surprise surprise dotter was not shy even though they were Indians. Mellow Indians. She voluntarily spoke to them, asked them what she wanted, drew what they asked her, etc etc. She also splashed some humor at the end! what do you call such shyness? Selective shyness? 

Her focus on puzzles has increased and I was amused watching her focus and actually get some pieces right. She kept telling this is how she works on puzzles in school. My cutie pie. 

Of course when she starts she cannot stop at one, 6 it was, I didn’t capture the last one, that was not a Frozen one. 

While I am at it, let me review three games I got for her recently, two of them are our dinner games.

SET – this is a game on pattern recognizing, she likes it

Dominos – I don’t know how to play dominos yet but there are a bunch of number pieces like dice which were good enough to make up some games to play with dotter. 

1) we divide the pieces amongst each other. First player puts two pieces totalling a number, the second player has to match the total with two or more pieces. The players take turns. Whoever cannot match loses! A simple game that requires a bunch of adding, and soon she got a hang of common total of numbers 6 and under. We will move to 9 and under next. She forgets quickly and starts finger counting the next day ;–D but we will get there some day. She also learns how we can get the same number by adding two different sets of numbers. Her teacher has taught them etiquettes of playing which is to shake hands and wish each other luck and doesn’t matter who loses or wins, congratulate the opponent and play again or part ways.

2) we divide the pieces amongst each other. Player puts a piece and asks for a number bigger than the numbers. Say put 4 and ask for 8. Then the other player has to put a piece that will total to the ask. A subtraction game. She automatically gets some numbers as we play more often. She does forget the next day it is like 50 first dates ;–) Slow and steady. 

These are fun to play and good time pass while she snacks and while we talk about what happened in school. 

Sum Swamp – a proper addition subtraction game. First dotter didn’t want to play as I guess it was too much work for her but slowly she has warmed up to the game and enjoys playing. 

Any game lasts only 10-15minutes, after which Madame gets distracted. Her teacher rightly has pegged all activities in school for not more than 15-20mins. 

Song of the moment is Vadagai Veedu from Aandavan Kattalai. It is so catchy dotter started dancing in the middle of what she was doing and asked me to record her! Speaking of dancing, we were at Curry Up Now an Indian fast food place and dotter starts dancing to the music that played. She just danced and wouldn’t stop. Nobody noticed her, she just was dancing. Is she shy or is she not shy? I need pluck some rose petals for the answer.

Watched Kaaka Muttai last night, I cried. I was kinda sad yesterday. My deteriorating health, my eyes, my ankles, and other things. I popped a Tylenol to get through Sunday evening. Just being pain free, no head ache, no back ache, no ankle ache – this is how life is without pain! Can I have Tylenol everyday? I am sure my kidneys will revolt. I cried at my own situation.  The innocence in the movie was suffocating. How much it matters where you are born! How lucky I am to be where I am, even though I have issues, I am blessed. If you are reading this consider yourself blessed than half the world. 

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