Tuesdays have become depressing thanks to Paatu class. I want to give up. I spoke to a friend who also has a kid who behaves similar to JSK and is a year older. She encourages me to not give up. It is mortifying and draining. It is the peer pressure I think. Ugh. Nothing wrong with anybody, just me. I have a dotter just like me.
In other classes nobody cares what we do. We have a drama, we don’t follow the class fully, the others don’t care they just do their thing. That gives me the freedom to do whatever I want and gives time for dotter to ease in to the class. I am used to going for a class where we just sit and watch. Which is what we did today too. Except one asked me ‘did she sing today?!’ I understand that it is a genuine question she has, but my child just covers behind me. 
The funny part is, though JSK doesn’t talk a single word she listens and says ‘ we have to practice 3 times, otherwise we will be in trouble with the teacher!’ In her sing song voice. Ha like that is the only problem ;–P Honestly I haven’t had her practice singing. I will try this week.
Piano is slightly better. Yesterday I spent time teaching her whole note and half note and quarter note and Do Re Mi Fa with pen and paper. I felt sorry for her, it was dinner time and she was tired I could see but I hope she will appreciate one day, or will she not? Am I putting her in too many things? She plays a lot in after school, does she get tired? When do parents have time to do all this after 6pm?
We averted quite a few potential dramas today. What do you know just like it takes two hands to clap we need more than one person to create a drama. When DH and I remain calm, even when JSK is upset there is no drama. She calmed down. And even accepted that she misbehaved and Appa was good. :–O My little baby, I wouldn’t blame all the drama on her for sure, we had a part to play in it too. Some drama is inevitable but if we can reduce them I would call it a win.
Their class is going on a field trip to a pumpkin patch tomorrow and she is super excited. I am too. They have been doing all pumpkin stuff the past few days. This weeks writing topic was ‘makes me happy’. My darling wrote this –

People make her happy. Which is good. At some point I have to teach her to derive happiness from within. All the details in the picture really amused me. All the thought that she puts in the drawing. She has more to say about the drawing than the writing. :–O but then a picture speaks a thousand words doesn’t it. 

I went for lunch with a friend I really admire. I got some tips on start ups and industry and stuff. Got some pointers on where I can meet some folks. I need to start going to some meet ups. I will start engaging once dotter and her routine and her classes settle down. I know it never ends, but at some point it should settle down. Right? Right? Please tell me yes! 
Work is picking up, I have some deadlines and some reviews and some fights and arguments to do. It is good I guess. 
I have no meetings at night which means I get to watch something on Netflix or Tentkotta before sleeping. Last night I watched ‘Kutrame dhandanai’. Tunnel vision really scared me. Ok movie. Any Netflix recos? All Netflix movies are too crass for me, too much skin or violence and serious. I would enjoy something like Sherlock or Last man standing or White collar. Not too reality TV but not too gory serious twisted. 

4 thoughts on “Tuesdays!

  1. You are doing alright. Things will fall in place. Lot of us are in the same boat. The emphasis here is so much on Being social (wrongfully so) which should not be confused with social skills. Kids need to remain true to their personality. Just preach to the kid to be comfortable in their own skin.


    1. Thanks 😉 we spent a day hiking and looking for the perfect spot for this picture. We drove in Scotland highlands, it was not bad, Driving within proper cities I am sure would be a nightmare


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