O is for Othayadi Paadhaiย 

Means โ€˜one foot pathโ€™ nowadays called a hiking trail.

We went hiking yesterday after a long time. The only way we like to celebrate our wedding anniversary because it happens to be on Earth Day.

How I missed the sore legs and tiredness! 

I have been battling plantar fasciitis since 2015 when I trained for the base camp hike. My feet hurt big time before my muscles get sore. Which is a pain. 

So I wear ankle sleeves to keep my ankles locked and super feet soles and sturdy hiking boots to hike. 

Since my knee surgery my left leg has felt weaker always. I always favored my right leg for stronger foot hold to pull myself up larger steps, or get off a large step.

With anemia any slight elevation would have me huffing and puffing with my heart beating fast.

This was the first hike that my feet didn’t hurt! I used to enjoy hiking even when my feet hurt so this was heaven. And I was able to use both my knees with equal strength which made me super happy. A slow return to normalcy? And I wasn’t huffing and puffing as much as I did in the past three years. 

I still don’t know how my feet didn’t hurt. Is something healing within me with no processed sugar life style? Or is it my 5 days a week exercise? Or is it my regular iron supplements? Whatever it may be I am thankful that the hike was very enjoyable. 

It was a moderate hike of 5.5mi with some 1200ft elevation. We left only at 9:30 reached Castle Rock State Park at 10:30 to find a full parking lot. We had to walk 1+mi from our car to the trail head so that added another 2+ mi to the hike although road walking is nothing compared to trail hiking.

We enjoyed this hike with sweeping Vista views, scrambling on multiple rocks, some exposed areas, weaving in and out of shade and sun. We stopped for lunch at the half way point. Are lemon rice and potato Curry, JSK is a big fan of my potato  Curry. We were sitting right next to poison oak a ranger pointed out and gave a junior ranger sticker to JSK. 

I was scared of ticks this time of the year and clothed everyone top to bottom. 

I love hiking. Just to be with nature, at peace in harmony, to take it slow, just putting one step in front of the  other.

The hikers high is addictive. The sore muscles without the sore feet are addictive. The cuties never tasted sweeter and juicier than on a trail as a snack. 


Some pictures to share. 


N is for a Nice Saturday!

No German Class meant we could be in bed until 9am. 

Made Bisibelebath with quinoa and brown rice without ghee, was good! I am a sucker for lentils, and sambhar and kind.

Went to Stanford Shopping Mall for an Easter Egg Hunt. Followed by some park time. Been a while since we did local things on a normal weekday. 

Following a long discussion about The Invention of Hugo Cabret with JSK we watched Hugo the movie based on the book. It is quite a thrill to see words in a book come to life in a movie. For me of course it was going back to Paris, going back in time to the years when trains and train stations were the central system of a city. To imagine a kid living in the station walls is not far fetched at all. The numerous stores and shops and people in the station form a balanced microcosm by themselves. Just the clocks and the makers and the automaton have me in awe. However did George Melies think of the art of film making, the passion and the perseverance that went into it is laudable. 

And again the Great War. The great war put a stop to films to a certain extent, delayed their progtess, who wants to be entertained while the nation’s are at war. The astounding art and sculpting culture also subsided with war. 

JSK created an egg hunt for us. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Who said it was only for kids. She filled my eggs with nuts because I don’t have sugar candies. 


Time for church.

Happy Easter!

M is for My little brotherย 


So my brother is a rapper. 

He released this single on Election day in India. It was removed by YouTube Facebook for offensive content. ๐Ÿ˜‚

He collaborated with some music video editors I suppose and other artists. He is the lyricist and singer. Video editing and all is other folks. 

I wish I had this breath control ๐Ÿ˜‚

Give it a listen and if you like it, like and tell me what you think?

L is for Love at 40

DH and I have been married almost 15 years. We have known each other technically since we were 19 or so. DH turns 40 this year, and I will turn 40 next year.

I was this super sappy love stuck girl most of my 20s. If you go back to my 2006 posts you will know. 

I think after JSK we kinda fell into a rhythm, before that tempers flew quite a bit. We had to temper our arguments with a kid in the mix. Now we rarely argue. There is so much that is not said and understood. Like we are in quiet harmony. 

JSK has the only child syndrome, doesnโ€™t like it if we spend sometime together, will immediately butt in like a karadi, gets jealous if we hug and join in etc.

A friend once said DH is an old soul. And that is quite true. He is not new agey, and doesn’t keep with the times, doesn’t believe in Hallmark days, celebrating birthdays or v days. What he does is adjust. And compromise. Like no flower bearing husband would do. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Can totally pick up all my slack when I am tired. Cut vegetables, make  Curry, make dosa and what not. He already does everything in the house laundry, folding clothes and dishwasher. He can pick up JSK responsibilities at a moment’s notice, read with her and put her to sleep if I don’t feel like it, pick up and drop off JSK as needed if I have evening dinners once in a while. I adjust too. It is a delicate balance. 

My choices are fully catered to, from restaurant to vacation to what to do on a Saturday evening. 

He understands PMS and doesn’t get in my way ๐Ÿ˜‚ he realizes it before I do sometimes. Like the day I was upset with him for not cutting kovakkai properly hence it taking longer to cook. Kovakkai is a new JSK favorite, it is so yummy but it takes so much time to cut! He would eat whatever I cook, without a complaint, his whole family has a long tongue for food, liking a certain dish with a certain accompaniment made a certain way etc. 

When he gifted this memento for one of our anniversaries ‘Grow old with me, best is yet to be’ , we used to think that we would be that old couple in the movie Titanic waiting for death hugging in bed. Unfortunately, God has other plans. My time is set. 60. Then dialysis. Then another 5 years may be? So I need to live my retired life in my 50s. And DH has to be around for JSK’s sake after I am gone. I told him he can go all around the world with my life insurance ๐Ÿ˜‚ and he said he is not letting me go so easy. 

Anyway don’t want to crib about health and getting older, but the goal is to retire in my 50s and travel around for at least 5 years. May sound hard but I don’t have to save for many years post retirement and our needs are less. 


L is for Love indeed.

K is for Kandhal

Kandhal is what is left of a piece of cloth once it has been beaten up many times.

Which is me today. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Ok so I had two reviews today. 

Without going into too much details, one of them was okay. The other one with my VP was like bad. Ironically I am the kid who is proud of sporting a Veera thazhumbu from an injury. My boss asked me how I was feeling again and again. My VP is an upbeat person I wanted to ask him how he is so upbeat with so much stress in his job. I saw him today morning and he said it is a beautiful day I am doing awesome! Just makes a droopy person sit up and actually appreciate life. 

He is also the person who critiques our decisions and get the act together. He was disappointed with some product decisions. Oops. Me and my boss got the brunt of it. But this is not personal. It is purely work. I take it as a learning opportunity. To develop a thick skin. To let things like this brushed off my shoulders and just move on to the next thing. It want to develop that thick skin. That skin that means I don’t have use my brain cycles to think about what that person will think of me, that means I just do what I want without giving a care about what everyone thinks of me. 

So gimme that thick skin!

No more VP reviews for another week that I am on the hook for. Some reviews I need to provide some slides which is not so bad I suppose?!

This is Holy Week. Church church church. Prayers and penitence. No German class this weekend which means free Saturday!


J is for JSK what else?

I have had a nerve wrecking day but that is for the next letter hopefully.

This is all about JSK soon she may be TSK – Teen SK! All signs are showing up already. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Impatience, and disrespect when upset etc.

The past few weeks she has been showing symptoms of extreme distraction and lack of focus which really worries me. The whole don’t care attitude that sometimes shows up. I volunteered for Math in her class and saw her so distracted. She actually got frustrated because I helped someone else in the middle of helping her and cried with her privacy shield on. Ugh. That was terrible. 

They do teach to do addition subtraction in 5 different ways which can get boring at times I suppose.

She gets frustrated quite a bit. Especially when learning or doing new things. I guess it is hard for kids but I wonder how to get that curiosity and and wonderment excitement at learning something new. I guess at this age they are already set with what they like? Need some major attitude shift.

She does get details and numbers muddled in her head like I do sometimes. Why is she so much like me? Why cannot she be like DH, just plain. Sometimes plain is underrated. 

She has been fine the past few days,  makes effort to do things well, I hope it continues! But I can totally see my life when she hits her teens.

Which brings me to, OMG how soon kids grow ๐Ÿ˜ญ I have 3-4 years before teens hits and she wouldnt want to talk to us anymore? She still likes to cuddle and sleep with us and gives up monstrous hugs. She still enjoys travelling with us, and bugs us for attention. 

When someone asked why are we travelling so much, I think this is the best age to travel with her, they remember, they enjoy, they walk walk walk without cribbing, appreciate everything they see. Before teens hits and they want to be on their phones? Or with their friends?

10 more years she will be off to college? Sniff sniff. But thats when we can retire I guess. In Austin.๐Ÿ˜‚ 

She picked her own big book, first self move out of Geronimo. Foxcraft. She is scared of reading about bad things happening to people but is okay with same stories with animals. Oh well. 

We are ready Invention of Hugo Cabret and I have to say it has been a delightful book so far, a novel way to write a story with illustrations telling half of the story. It goes pretty quickly too in spite of being a thick book.

Field trips, book fairs, business idea to sell self created comics for 50c each at the park ๐Ÿ˜‚ ( who wants to buy it ), ideas to sell drawings, create books to make money, etc are all her life right now. 

We have started focussing a bit on science now, plan to get the kiwi crate activities out and work on them. Will help on improving her focus. Meditation? 

I am learning so much about myself and about self improvement from her. I know I can grow just like she can grow. I know what I know is not the end just like I know what she knows is not the end. I know I will get better at things if I practice just like I know she will get better if she  practices.I know with help and books I can overcome my shortcomings just like I know with my guidance she can overcome her fallacies.

She is going to be 8 soon, I don’t have a time to plan for a party. Oops. 

Here is capturing all the sass of her 7 year old self. 

I is for Interest

Oh dear God I have not been able to get rid off the writers block to write this everyday thing!

Struggling very much. 

Likely because this is the slump time after vacation, deep in work. I am also sick with a throat infection, lost my voice.

Was at a conference today with my team it was nice and everything but couldn’t keep a conversation going. Had to pop Halls to get through the day so skipped dinner in my ‘hood to come home and rest and catch up on Game of Thrones!

Hopefully J will be easier? When interest is back and I am back in decent health will come back and finish this with gusto!

Was in a review with 3 VPs this morning. My VP said good job in the end because we were able to converge on a direction. I will take that! I will take any little compliment I get on my job because I don’t think very highly of myself yet in this role.

Two more reviews to go. I am trying a strategy to not get stressed and it has so far worked in the past couple of weeks, will right about it if it works this week too!

Ok gotta run sorry for the sorry post.

BTW if spring break for Palo Alto had been 1 week later we would have witnessed this, been right there. Exactly a week ago Monday evening we were near NotreDame I was trying to take this picture with the spring flowers across NotreDame, eating dinner across near Shakespeare and Company. 

Au Revoir!